Media Coverage

Times Higher Eduction – Scholarly societies ‘more diverse than universities’

The Conversation – A new, data-based checklist to help boost women in science leadership

 Scientific American’s “60 Second Science” podcast – A Moth with a Potent Cocktail of Poison

Biosphere Magazine Doubling Down (article on wood tiger moth defenses written by myself and Bibiana Rojas)

Discover Magazine – Moth Makes Different Chemical Weapons for Different Predators

Wired – Slicing off a bug’s penis is bad for reproduction, study concludes

BBC News – St Andrews team find size affects sexual reproduction in seed bugs

The Guardian  Unkindest cut? Insect penis gets the chop in the name of science

Discovery News  used several quotes from our short guide to Reproductive Interference in their article Fur Seal Sex With Penguin: Why Does It Happen?

ScienceNowSexual Cannibalism Is a Case of ‘He Said, She Said’

io9You just don’t understand sexual cannibalism

I also helped out with the filming of this!

For more details see my blog post on the experience!