So I recently moved to Finland to start my post-doc. It’s all been a bit crazy what with trying to write up, publish a bunch of papers and fit all my worldly belongings into two suitcases. Well, actually, it’s still a bit crazy but nothing motivates you to write blog posts like procrastination so here goes!

I’ve joined Johanna Mappes’ lab and I’m going to be working on variation in chemical protection in the wood tiger moth. Here is a photo of a wood tiger moth. Aren’t they cute? They definitely help make up for having to say goodbye to all my old lab pets (sob).

I did not take this photo, I stole it off a co-workers fb page
I did not take this photo, I stole it off a co-workers fb page.

So I will have to think of a new name for this blog (and my twitter feed). Not that it’s urgent, this is not exactly an active website 🙂

Also Finland is awesome, not sure about their coffee though…

The view from the bridge to my department


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