More fun with tiny dinosaurs

Winter has come to Finland in all its snowy glory and that can mean only one thing. Back to Konnevesi!





































I already did one experiment with the Great Tits before Christmas, but now I am back to working with the Blue Tits, and all the joys and frustrations that entails. To celebrate the arrival of WiFi in the bird house I decided to live-tweet one full day of bird fun.

I started by introducing my participants for the day…

(Getting photos of them proved tricky)

We were all set to go, but problems began almost immediately.

Still there was some good news.

and soon we had our first success of the day!

By this time is was already midday and B48 still hadn’t eaten.

But even that was not enough.

So with not much happening it was time for some random facts!

As well as a discussion of the relative merits of Blue vs Great Tits.

All the while the Blue Tits continued to be uncooperative.

I started to consider bring out another bird. B42.

And the troubles continued.

Frustrations started to show.

But finally…

And we had our second success of the day.

But with the afternoon almost gone would that be the last?

It was time for a new addition.

But would B6 come through for us?

With one final success it was time to finish for the day. I normally aim to do 4 birds a day so 3 isn’t so bad.

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