Baby mantids

Since this blog has just turned into “pictures of lab pets” here are some blurry photos of baby mantids!

I did eventually have to separate these guys as they just wouldn’t stop eating each other. Unfortunately, there were a few I didn’t have pots for so I ended up with a sort of mantid hunger games. I have named the survivor Katniss.

march 2014 027 march 2014 029march 2014 026

Lab pet update

Our Ampulex wasps arrived yesterday!  They are so pretty!







Rapacious has reached adulthood!  Hopefully the other mantids will soon do the same and we can aim to start breeding them in August.


We now have a controlled temperature room.  The plan is to move the mantids plus some of our other lab pets into there to free up incubator and bench space.

Our current set-up in the incubator
Our current set-up in the incubator
The new CT room
The new CT room